Frequently Asked Questions for PestExtra Exhibitors

PestExtra is a totally new, digital take on a familiar event, so we understand if you have queries. Before you contact us and ask a question, why not check our frequently asked questions list.

What is a link within an exhibition stand?

All stands come with some links that you can populate however you like.

You might choose to link to a PDF brochure, a page on your website, a survey or poll, a competition entry page, a game or a video. The choice is yours. 

Links are all tracked and you’ll get a full report on how your links were interacted with after the event. 

How will people access PestExtra?

Exhibitors can access PestExtra with any up-to-date web browser.

You’ll need a webcam and microphone if you want to be able to video chat with people.

Attendees can use the PestExtra web page to participate in the show. 

How do I ensure I get a good level of interaction with visitors?

You’ll be able to proactively chat with any visitors who have come into your stand by inviting them to a video or text-based chat.

You can also see who is online at any point during the event and start a conversation with them - even if they aren’t on your stand.

The PestExtra team will be encouraging people to visit stands throughout the show, and there will be plenty of gaps in the seminar schedule to encourage people to browse.

You’ll be able to enter networking areas and speak to people. Plus we have a huge range of promotional activities you can add to your booking to help increase traffic.

Promoting your stand on social media, your website and through your own marketing channels is also highly recommended. 

Even if you miss someone on the day, you’ll get a list of everyone who visited your stand and their contact details as part of your report.

Is PestExtra free for visitors?

Some tickets are free, while others need to be paid for.

BPCA member company FREE unlimited tickets
Non-member UK or Ireland 
pest control company or soletrader
5 free tickets per company
(£35 each per additional ticket)
Non-pest control company ticket 
(associated sectors)
£85 per ticket
Non-UK or Ireland pest professional
£55 per ticket


How do I use the platform?

Training webinars and support documentation will be provided to you before the show.

The PestExtra team will be on hand to help you get the very best out of your time exhibiting with us. 

What promotion will you be running ahead of the show?

BPCA runs PestExtra and we’re well practised at promoting events and exhibitors. Exhibitor listings will be on the PestEx and BPCA website.

We’ll be running email and social media campaigns. A full preview of PestExtra will be available in PPC magazine, which will include information about exhibitors.

We’re working with international pest control news sites and magazines to promote the show.

All BPCA members, affiliates and previous PestEx and Forum attendees will be invited to join PestExtra.

You can also help promote your attendance by telling your customers you’ll be attending, through your usual marketing channels. 

How many people do you think will attend?

Because we haven’t run an event like this it’s really hard to tell. PestEx regularly gets over 3,000 people together under one roof.

We hope by making the event even more accessible and removing travel considerations, we’ll have a similar amount of visitors to PestExtra.

Help us spread the word by spreading the word with your customers. 

Whose contact details do I get?

Anyone who visits your stand (whether they talk to you or not). 

What will be available to view after the show?

Recordings of all the seminars, demonstrations, exhibitor profiles (with links) and the On-demand Area will be available through the PestExtra web page for two weeks after the show. 

What data do I get in my post-show report?

You’ll get a list of everyone who visited your stand and their email address to follow up with them (even if you didn’t speak to them).

You’ll get a log of every chat you had.

You get a report of who interacted with your links on your profile pages.

You’ll get a report of how many people interacted with any promotional options you purchased (for example, 835 people saw your advert in the Technical Theatre).

Will I really be able to network with people?

Yes. There will be loads of opportunities to network on and off your stand. Networking and social activities are arranged throughout the three days.

You’ll be able to speak by video call or text chat to those who come to your stand. You’ll be able to search through attendees and approach them as they enjoy the show.

You really will get out what you put in.

How do I book?

Simply fill out the PestExtra booking form. Additionally, if you have any queries or suggestions we’d love to speak to you.

Book a stand

My question hasn’t been answered, who should I contact for further help? 

Call the PestExtra team on 01332 225 110 and we'll be able to help or point you in the right direction.