Frequently Asked Questions for PestEx Exhibitors

Every year we get asked lots of questions about exhibiting at PestEx. Before you contact us and ask a question, check our frequently asked questions list.

Are you a PestEx visitor rather than exhibitor? Check out our Visitor FAQs.

What is included in the cost of my PestEx stand?

If you have ordered a space only stand you will receive:

  • Exhibition space within the hall
  • Carpet
  • One data scanner
  • Entry in the showguide
  • Company logo in the showguide
  • Listing on the website.

If you have ordered a shell scheme stand you will receive:

  • Exhibition space within the hall
  • Walls
  • Carpet
  • One data scanner
  • Fascia Nameboard
  • Entry in the showguide
  • Company logo in the showguide
  • Listing on the website.

Can I have power on my PestEx stand?

Yes, electricity can be ordered using the online form in the Exhibitors Area, along with additional furniture, internet, catering and more.

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What time can I set up at PestEx 2024?

Space only stands can be set up from 10.00 on Tuesday 12 March.

Shell scheme stands can be set up from 14.00 on Tuesday 12 March.

Can you help with PestEx accommodation requirements?

Yes, you will find a list of local hotels on the venue's website. Please be aware that some companies have been trying to contact our exhibitors claiming they can book this for you - please ensure you only use the below link as other companies are not affiliated with the show in anyway.


Can I order additional data scanners for PestEx?

Yes. You will receive one scanner within the stand package. If you require more scanners you can order more through the Exhibitors Area.

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What is a data scanner and what is it for?

Every delegate will be wearing a badge throughout the exhibition. To save you time collecting data from the delegate you can simply ask to scan their badge which holds all of their contact information.

This will be collected on the online system for your scanner for you to download the day after the show.

Data can even be categorised by their requirements. For example, you can scan everyone who would like a catalogue sending out under one barcode and everyone who wants a follow-up sales call under a different barcode. 

Is there internet available PestEx?

ExCeL offers a complimentary, unsupported Wi-Fi service throughout the entire venue which is suitable for light internet browsing and office usage, however is not recommended for business-critical connections. To access the complimentary Wi-Fi, you would need to sign in to ‘ExCeL FREE Wi-Fi’ using a standard log-in, or via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

If you require an LAN-high speed connection this must be arranged through ExCeL Venue Services, using the link in the Exhibitor Area of the website.

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Is there someone that can help with freight delivery at PestEx?

Yes, we have appointed a contractor for the event. Please use the form supplied in the Exhibitor Area of the website.

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What other opportunities do I have to speak to people at PestEx?

There are plenty of sponsorship opportunities available to help maximise your presence before, during and after the show.

Give Beth a call on 07803 518 495 to discuss your options further.

How do I get my exhibitor badge for PestEx?

Exhibitor badges must be ordered using the online form in the Exhibitor Area of the website ahead of the event.

You will then receive an email with your unique barcode on to bring with you to the show (printed or on a smartphone).

The code will enable you to collect your badge from the registration desk, located at the entrance to the hall, during build-up.

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What should I do if the information on my PestEx badge is incorrect?

If at any point during the show you lose your badge, or you need to make an amendment to your printed badge please visit the registration desks at the entrance to the hall where the registration team will be able to re-print one for you.

How do I access the PestEx Exhibitor Area?

The Exhibitor Area link and login details will be sent out once a booking form has been received and your initial deposit has been paid.

If you haven't yet received these please email and someone will look into this for you.

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Can I submit press releases and news to be uploaded to the PestEx website?

Absolutely! All confirmed Exhibitors can post press releases free of charge to the PestEx website. Send your press releases or news stories to

All submissions must be in line with BPCA's editorial policies. BPCA reserves the right to refuse to publish any news story for any reason. 

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Is there any help available for filling out my exhibitor risk assessment form? 

You're in luck, because our brilliant Technical and Compliance Manager, Natalie Bungay, has made a presentation for exhibitors which you can view on YouTube, below.

My question hasn’t been answered, who should I contact for further help? 

Call the PestEx team on 01332 225 111 and we'll be able to help or point you in the right direction.