PestExtra Roundtable: What makes a professional a professional?

What makes a professional a professional PestExtra Roundtable

10.30 - 11.15

Led by: Ian Andrew, Chief Exec, BPCA

We’re running some round table discussions each day, led by industry experts, to give you the chance to learn, share and connect on a specific pest management topic. For this session we're asking you to think about the below questions and come prepared to discuss: 

1. Are we a trade or a profession?

2. Does what we have in place by way of training and qualifications for the sector encourage professionalism?

3. CEPA recently defined a pest control professional as needing: Training, Qualification, CPD (or re-registration) and Competency. BPCA members meet ¾ of these requirements, how could we best ensure competency?

4. What do we do about the rest of the sector that may not meet these requirements?

5. Is some sort of licensing of pest controllers the answer?


Each ‘table’ has a maximum of 20 ‘seats’ so will be available on a first-come basis.

This Seminar is held at PestExtra: the online pest management show and is completely free to attend.